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MRCC 1000 Clear mold restitant coating MRCC is durable, flexible 100% acrylic water- based coating

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Product Description


MRCC 1000 is a mold resistant clear coating for

professional use, that contains an EPA registered

fungicide to resist mold growth on the dry coating

surface. MRCC is a durable, flexible, and permeable

100% acrylic waterbased coating. MRCC is

recommended for use on wood, plaster, wallboard,

sheetrock, concrete, masonry block, primed metal and

galvanized metal. MRCC can also be used on new

structural materials during building construction.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces to be coated must be

free of dust, mildew, mold, dirt, grease, loose paint, oil,

glue size, calcimine, wax, soap and other surface


Patch irregularities with vinyl patching paste or an

appropriate patching compound. MRCC is selfpriming

over bare sheetrock, composition board, ceiling tile and


DIRECTIONS : Apply MRCC with brush, roller or airless

spray equipment.

Brush: Synthetic, nylon or polyester bristle Roller: Synthetic Fiber 3/8” nap or longer Spray: .015 to

.019 tip @ 20002800 P.S.I.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: MRCC is supplied ready to use, but can be thinned sparingly with water (up to

8oz of water per gallon) for proper application consistency if necessary. Apply MRCC generously and

uniformly by brush, roller, or airless spray. Apply one coat of MRCC and ensure that the finished surface

is properly sealed. To ensure that the finished surface is properly sealed, twocoats may be required on

some porous surfaces.

COVERAGES: smooth Surfaces: 350600 ft2/gal. Porous Surfaces: 250300 ft2/gal.

DRYING TIME: @ 70°F 50% R.H To Touch: 1 Hour Recoat: 48 Hours

CLEANUP: Clean tools and drippings with warm soapy water before MRCC dries. Dispose of waste

according to all existing local, state and federal regulations.



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